peat cultures

An artist project highlighting the diverse cultural values of peatlands.

I began this project wanting to get to know about different wetland cultures and to make new artwork. Wetlands contribute to culture, skills and knowledge – a living heritage. I might have webbed feet,  but now I live between different wetland cultures and have much to learn. I was brought up on the East Anglian salt marshes and this shaped my early sense of landscape. Later, I lived in Southern Scottish uplands and learnt to love their characteristic Mosses and Flows. Somehow, in the hills,  on peatlands, I am still somehow waiting for the saltwater tide to come in.  Living now in the Netherlands, I am learning to see how peatlands have been transformed into highly managed cultural landscapes. I value surviving wetlands for what they offer to my quality of life – a lively wildness experienced through the senses, with special plants, creatures and sounds.

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