airmail stickers on the theme of intercontinental travel

BY AIR /PRIORITY uses a South African airmail sticker design as a departure point

… I think it is their futuristic design.
The whole evolution of aircraft
Has been to resemble swallows more and more closely…
Ted Hughes / Swallows

Barn Swallows – hirundo rustica – move between hemispheres to keep themselves in a zone of perpetual summer, seeking plentiful insects. Each November millions of birds arrive at reedbeds at Mount Moreland near Durban, South Africa, after migrating from Europe. This is their largest and longest established roost and their presence creates a breathtaking spectacle at dusk. These swallows now share airspace with Boeing 747 planes at the newly-built King Shaka Airport. Conservationists tried to work with the developers and won a compromise: radar detection was installed to prevent Barn Swallow birdstrike on aircraft. The area is registered as an ‘Important Birding Area’ and monitoring is ongoing. The new King Shaka Airport was prepared for the FIFA world cup, and served international politicians and delegates arriving for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, November 2011. Delegates were assured that: ‘getting to Durban for COP 17-CMP is easy with the new King Shaka airport’ (United Nations Climate Change conference host country website). The new runways and terminal herald Dube Tradeport: a dream of an aerotropolis, a 60-year development plan of a city with an airport at its heart. Another component is the AgriZone, which is already producing flying cucumbers.

Effective bird/wildlife control requires that even small numbers of hazardous birds/wildlife are dispersed as soon as possible from the airfield. International Birdstrike Committee Standards