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On art practice

A response to call by University of Kentucky Political Ecology Working Group (2012):

A case for so-far stories, responding to the question: where is the politics in political ecology? View this article here

Interview in Art and Research (2011):

For an interview with Bryndis Snaebjörnsdottir and Mark Wilson, click on this link:

Talk at Glasgow Sculpture Studios on art and geography engaging with climate change (2011):

Kate Foster with contributions by Hayden Lorimer, Merle Patchett, Perdita Phillips. Available here

Article in Cultural Geographies (2007):

Kate Foster and Hayden Lorimer. Cultural geographies in practice: Some reflections on art-geography as collaboration. Cultural Geographies 2007;14;425 download “art-geography as collaboration”

Presentation in the Scottish Parliament (2007):

Working in Public, Final Seminar, Presentation to Scottish Parliament.  Download the parliamentary presentation


On biogeographies

Papers in Antennae / Alternative Ornithologies (2012):

For the full journal click on Alternative Ornithologies at

(See: The editorial on Alternative Ornithologies by Merle Patchett describing Kate Foster’s recent work on Hummingbirds; Ruffling Feathers: Exhibition the Monstrous Geographies of the Plumage Trade, with Merle Patchett, Kate Foster, Liz Gomez, and Andrea Roe; Disposition – a hollow-eyed harrier, displaced and out of time. Kate Foster and Hayden Lorimer)

Disposition – a hollow-eyed harrier, displaced and out of time. Download the correct version here

Article in Southlight 12  (2012):

CIRCUS CYANEUS (HEN-HARRIER – in the Dumfries and Galloway Literary Magazine, with a postscript by Hayden Lorimer

Download this article here  For a copy of the magazine, please contact

Chapter in “The Afterlives of Animals: a Museum Menagerie”, edited by Samuel JJM Alberti, University of Virginia Press (2011): “Biogeographies of a hollow-eyed harrier” by Merle Patchett, Kate Foster, and Hayden Lorimer

Article in Museums and Society (2008): Merle Patchett and Kate Foster, “Repair work: surfacing the geographies of dead animals” in special issue of Museums and Society: ‘Constructing nature behind glass’ Merle Patchett and Kate Foster July 2008, Vol 6 no 2. Available here Full journal is online at

Paper to Visual Arts Research Insititute, University of Edinburgh (2006): Download “Velocity” by Kate Foster and Hayden Lorimer

Poster for “Nature Behind Glass” University of Manchester (2007): Merle Patchett and Kate Foster: The Lively Geographies of Dead Animals  (Awarded a prize from the Museums Association.)  download the poster “Lively Geographies”

Presentation to RANE, University of Falmouth (2008):“BioGeoGraphies” – click on this link:

On drawing in the field

Paper in TRACEY / Drawing Knowledge (2012):

Field drawing and dialogue as a form of making knowledge, Jen Clarke and Kate Foster.

Blogs :

Border Lands: sheepscapes, tree-lines

Reflections on environmental contexts and creative responses

Artist’s bookworks

Download Crossbills, click on this link:

Download Count Raggi’s Bird (text only)

Download Stuffed Bird Attached here