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artist’s books and multiples


Stuffed Bird Attached

‘Stuffed Bird Attached’ is a dialogue of drawings and research with cultural geographer Merle Patchett, made to accompany the exhibition Fashioning Feathers at the Royal Alberta Museum, Canada. It was published by Antennae, online journal of visual culture and animals in Spring 2012.

You can download Stuffed Bird Attached here from Antennae

You can order a printed copy from Kate Foster by email:

A Geography of Blue

You can download a pdf version of a bookwork by Kate Foster and Hayden Lorimer here.




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A bookwork about responses to the hummingbird display case in the London Natural History Museum

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A series of five postcards summarising drawing in the field

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An artist’s book summarising Disposition, the biogeography of a hen harrier, available via



A book of photographs and texts illustrating body jewellery for birds endangered by the Victorian plumage trade


Additionally a series of postcards is available from

Swallow Airmail Stickers


A set of eight airmail stickers using a South African design as a departure point

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Stable at ambient temperatures


A bookwork will illustrations and extracts of correspondences about the return flight of a swallow museum specimen in a Boeing 747 to South Africa


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